Movie Plot:

Remy, a rat who had a knack for sniffing the ingredients of a cuisine dreams of becoming a great chef. With the motto “Everyone can cook” he then tries to practice in the house they are in constantly sneaking to cook.

However he then gets separated from his colony because of an incident in the house, he then sets off his own journey as he finds out that he is in the city of Paris. He then lands in the famous restaurant of Gusteau where he was captured by the garbage boy, Linguini. Finding that he is able to talk to the rat, they then form an alliance that will help Linguini keep his job in the restaurant and Remy be able to practice his gift in cooking. The mayhem starts when the Head chef finds out that a rat is behind the cooking of Linguini and sets to expose the matter to the public.

However with the help of Remy, Linguini gets the restaurant as He is the son of the late Gusteau and gets the Head Chef fired. Now Follow Remy and Linguini as they try to save the restaurant and dodge the inquisitors who are trying to expose them to the public.

Ultimately the end they must try to make the perfect dish (Ratatouille ) to bring back the honor of the great and famous restaurant of Gusteau.

Honestly i must say that i didn’t like the movie. Well the animation and rendering of the movie was really good (nothing short of expected from Pixar). However the story of a rat trying to make his was a chef just didn’t appeal to me.

Seeing a rodent inside the restaurant and touching the ingredients just doesn’t seem right. Plus there wasn’t that much comedy as compared to the other films that came from Disney. Well I guess, some liked the movie as there were a lot of people who laughed at certain parts but the thing is that some of them are just corny for me. The movie, I think, is just appealing to children or kids below 15 perhaps as I don’t most adults would like this one.

The sound, animation, effects and direction was I must say, topnotch. I’m just giving this movie a 6 because of the story. I just think that they could have thought of a better story than this one.