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Description of Airedale Terrier

The Breed History..As with many breeds of dogs, the origins of the Airedale are somewhat obscure. A now-extinct Black and Tan Terrier sometimes called Old English terrier or Broken-haired terrier may have been a progenitor of not only the Airedale, but perhaps also the Fox, Welsh, and Irish terriers. In the latter part of the 1800s, the first show classes for this breed took place. About the same time, a known outcross with the Otterhound breed was carried out to improve the Airedale's capacity for water work and to improve scenting ability...Breeding for Function..The old terriers were widely used in Yorkshire England for hunting otter, rats, badgers, weasels and other medium game. In Canada, the US, India and Africa they were prized for their bravery in large game hunts. Their utility encompasses police dog work and historically, included service as war dogs. They also perform well in obedience tracking, agility and guarding...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: female 22" (56 cm), male 23" (58.5 cm). Weight: females 40-48 lb (18-22 kg), males 45-70 lb (20.5-32 kg). Coat: The dense double coat may have some crimping; the outer layer is wiry while the undercoat is soft. Colors are black and tan with specifically distributed markings. A small white mark on the chest is not penalized...Longevity: 10-12 years...Points of Conformation: The head is long with a minor stop, the ears are V-shaped and carried folded. Eyes are dark and small with keen expression, and nose is medium and black. Other points include moderate length neck, chest deep but not broad, topline level and back is short. Legs are straight, tail is carried high, and feet are compact and small. Overall, they are characterized by good bone and athletic appearance, with a solid straight way of going, including good stride length and freedom of movement..

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Photo Gallery of Airedale Terrier