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Description of Akita

The Breed History..First written records date to the 17th century, where in the Akita Prefecture of Honshu in Northern Japan (Dewa), breeding programs were instituted to produce a sensible hunting dog. At this time, ownership of Akita dogs was restricted to the aristocracy. Their esteem was held so high that in some places they were assigned individually hired caregivers who provided special care. This ancient Japanese dog breed is also cemented in certain spiritual traditions wherein the dog represents good health, and a statue gift of the dog for a new addition to a family represents wishes for health, happiness and a long life for the child. This statue gift is also sent as a get-well message for those ailing. They are of Spitz type, and the ancient progenitor genes came into Japan with migrating Siberian nomads a very long time ago...Akitas may also include in their heritage crosses of Chow-Chows with Tosa (Shikoku) and Kari dogs. In spite of the special status of this breed, at times, the popularity fell off to the point of near extinction. In 1931, Japan named the breed a national monument. Helen Keller was credited with importing the first specimens of the breed to America. The AKC first registered Akitas in 1972...Breeding for Function..Their original use was for hunting in rugged territory. Boar and deer were typical game. Alert and possessing good stamina, these dogs were valued hunting companions. They were also reported to have been soft mouthed enough for waterfowl retrieval. Others report their use as pit fighting dogs. They were adapted to a harsh wintry environment, and were renowned for their sturdy, agile, silent work...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: female 24-26" (61-71 cm), male 26-28" (66-71 cm). Weight: females 75-85lb (34-38.5 kg), males 85-110 lb (38.5-50 kg). Coat: They have a thick double coat with medium length outer coat hair, and are accepted in many colors including brindle, pinto, or white. The undercoat may be a different color. The outer coat stands up and is harsh and straight while the undercoat is soft, dense and short. Some lines have longer hair than the average, though this variation is not considered correct for show...Longevity: 11-12 years..Points of Conformation: The full tail held over the back and the alert, pricked ears and bear-like facial expression on the large head characterize this stocky dog. The skull is broad, with broad muzzle and small dark brown eyes, deep set and a triangular shape. A shallow furrow runs in a line up the head extending onto the forehead. Triangular ears are small. Set wide, they are strongly leathered to keep them firmly up. The nose is large and black pigmentation is preferred. The stop is well defined, and both lip and palpebral margins are black. The crested neck is short. The thorax is wide and deep, and ribs are well sprung. The topline is level and the abdomen moderately tucked up. The high set tail is carried over the back curled, and reaches the tarsus. They possess heavily boned and muscled straight limbs, and dewclaws are not generally removed from the forelimbs but from the hind limbs they are. Feet are small, compact and have well knuckled up toes. They move with a moderate stride..

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