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Description of Alaskan Malamute

The Breed History..The Malamute is one of the ancient Arctic Sled Dogs, and they are the Native sled dog of Alaska. Their name derives from the Innuit tribe/village (Mahlemuts) that kept them. The Samoyed and Siberian Husky of Russia are cousin breeds. First registration in AKC occurred in 1935. Within the breed are two types based on size and color. M’Loot are larger than the Kotzebue strain, and the Kotzebue consist of dogs with only wolf-gray coat color...Breeding for Function..Hauling heavy sleds was their primary function. They are still popular as sled racing dogs, and as companion animals. Their forte is in pulling weight, not in their speed, but due to their stamina, they excel at long distance racing...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: female 23" (58.5 cm), male 25" (63.5 cm). Weight: females 75 lb (34 kg), males 85 lb (38.5 kg). Coat: They blow their coats twice annually but are relatively low shedding during the rest of the year. They have low bathing and grooming needs since they tend to groom like a cat. They have a very dense double coat with a short (1-2" or 2.5-5 cm) dense wooly soft undercoat and very dense stand out coarse guard hairs in the outer coat that are straight. There are distinct face markings including a face of white or white with a bar or mask. Blue eyes disqualify except in red color dogs, where they are pigmented brown; the palpebral margins, lip margins and nose are black. Coats are commonly gray in different shades, black, red, and sable. All of these have points and markings in a prescribed pattern of a different color. The only solid dog allowed is a white one. Usually most of the underside and the lower limbs of the dog are white...Longevity: 12 years...Points of Conformation: The dog is compact, very muscular, with high alert head carriage and possesses a deep thorax (1/2 the height of the dog) with well-sprung ribs. Head is broad, small triangular ears are held erect or pricked up when alert and they are set well back on the skull. Sometimes while running the ears are seen folded back and down. Medium-sized eyes are almond shaped, and dark brown in color. The muzzle gradually tapers. Their tail is set high, thickly covered in hair and sits a plume over the topline. Limbs are heavily boned and well muscled, and not bowed. Gait is true and tireless, with long powerful stride and excellent agility. Neck is short, muscular, and has a moderate arch. Topline is straight but slopes down towards the rear of the dog. The feet are large and possess large thick pads, with plenty of hair between the toes. Toes are well arched, and compact. Dewclaws on the rear are removed..

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Photo Gallery of Alaskan Malamute