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Description of American Foxhound

The Breed History..Various importations of English Foxhounds took place in the 1700s and these formed the basis for breeding programs in America that gradually changed the original foxhound type to a smaller, finer hound than the English counterpart. Further importations from throughout the British Isles and France occurred during the 1800s, including the importation of English dogs crossed with a Tennessee dog to produce the Walker hound strain...The Irish imports gave rise to the Trigg and Henry-Birdsong strains. There are a handful of other strains that developed in different regions. Most foxhounds are registered with the International Foxhunter Studbook as opposed to AKC and other breed registries...Breeding for Function..Over the years, four different hound subtypes were bred to account for differences in their functions in the hunt...1. Drag hounds that are raced on a drag scent where speed is the sole winning factor..2. Field trial hounds where speed and competitiveness are essential. 3. Fox hunters that work with an on-foot hunter with gun...4. Pack hounds; the traditional hunt club function...Even today, only rarely are these dogs kept for companionship or for show purposes...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: female 21-24" (53-61 cm), male 22-25" (56-63.5 cm) Weight: 65-75 lb (30-34 kg) in the standard, but some are smaller. Coat: Hard, medium length coat lays flat and any color is accepted. Tricolors (white, tan and black) are the most common. Longevity: 11-14 years...Points of Conformation: These dogs typify a dog of moderate proportions. The skull is long and slightly domed, ears are set moderately low, and are long and pendulous with fine leather, and have rounded tips. Wide set eyes are large and brown or hazel in color. The muzzle is square, and a moderate stop is present. The neck is medium in length and not throaty. Thorax is deep and narrower than the English type, ribs are well sprung and rib cage extends well back. The back is long and level though slightly arched. The limbs are straight, feet are compact with well-arched toes. The tail is carried gaily and curved, with a slight brush at the tip..

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Photo Gallery of American Foxhound