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Description of Balinese Cat

The Breed History..The gene for longer hair in Siamese cats is autosomal recessive in inheritance, and when these semi-longhaired cats were born into Siamese litters in the 1940s, they were selected for in a new breeding program. Prior to this time, they were considered an undesirable offspring type and called Longhaired Siamese. The early breed development occurred in California and New York during the 1950s. The TICA and CFA accepted this breed in 1970, and FIFe followed in 1972...Javanese refers to semi-longhaired Siamese (e.g., Balinese) with lynx (tabby) and tortie point patterns instead of classic Siamese solid points (lilac, seal etc). The Javanese as a separate breed was accepted by CFA in 1979-in all other registries Javanese cats are part of the Balinese breed. Overseas the Javanese name is synonymous with Oriental Longhair...Traditional (Applehead) Balinese cats are of a type derived from the Traditional (Applehead) Siamese. They are of heavier build with a much rounder face and head conformation, smaller ears, and longer haircoat over the body (>2") including ruff, pantaloons, and ear tufting. Most registries do not have a separate partition for this subtype. In the many registries, they are registered but are not generally show cats. Falling somewhere in between the Traditional Balinese and Modern Balinese type is another intermediate type termed "Classic". The name "Balinese" is thought to derive from these cats appearing as graceful as Balinese dancers. Outcrossing to Siamese cats is still allowed in the CFA registry...Physical Characteristics..Weight: 6-11 lb (2.5-5 kg). Traditional subtype cats average 10-14 lb (4.5-6.5 kg)..Coat: The semi-longhair single coat is fine, silky and flat lying and not much longer than a short haircoat; the longest hairs are found on the tail. They have a dark face mask. All of the Siamese color point coats are represented in the Balinese. In CFA registry, recognition is extended only to blue, chocolate, lilac and seal point-other pointed cats are referred to as Javanese, a separate breed. The body coat color and points of the Balinese usually becomes darker as the cat ages. Intermediate (medium) length coats result from outcross mating. These shorter haired cats are termed variants. This type of coat is short and plush, somewhat in between the shorthair and semi-longhair. These variants are not shown...Eyes: Medium in size, sapphire blue, almond shaped. Deeper blue is preferred...Points of Conformation: These cats share most of the same conformation points as Siamese cats; the longer coat with well-plumed tail is the distinguishing feature. Because of the longer cover of hair though, these cats appear less angular to the eye than the Siamese. Ears are large, with some interior furnishings. The Balinese are built like the Siamese. The head is an elongated tapered wedge with a fine muzzle and straight long nose. Paws are delicate and oval. The tail is tapering, thin and ends in a point...Grooming: For the Balinese cat, there are low-moderate grooming needs and a low matting tendency..

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Photo Gallery of Balinese Cat