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Description of Basenji

The Breed History..This breed originated in Central Africa, but gained popularity in Egypt-they were given as prized gifts in the times of the Pharaohs. They were exported to the US and Great Britain around 1937, and in 1943 they were first registered in the AKC. Basenjis are well known for the absence of a true bark. They can make noise, but their varied vocalizations are described as yodels, brrs, or roos. The name Basenji probably originates from the African word for "Bush Thing". The BCOA and other clubs worldwide are involved with the African Stock Project to bring new Basenjis from Africa to expand the gene pool...Breeding for Function..The breed was originally developed to point and retrieve, and for hunting reed rats, an indigenous African variety that is particularly large and vicious. They excel both as sight and scent dogs. They are successful in agility competitions and are not now commonly used for hunting...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: female 16 " (40.5 cm), male 17" (43 cm)...Weight: females 22 lb (10 kg), males 24 (11 kg)...Coat: The short, glossy, smooth dense haircoat comes in black, tri-color, brindle, chestnut red-all with white feet, chest and tip of the tail. Distinct borders between colors are desired, and white should never predominate though it can be present elsewhere. They are low shedding dogs, with absent doggie odor and need minimal grooming. Longevity: 10-12 years...Points of Conformation: The tail is carried over the straight topline in a curled position, head carriage is high, and the medium-sized ears are carried pricked up, with a furrowed brow. Eyes are hazel to brown. They have short backs, a definite waist and are well muscled with strong bone. They have a horse-like smooth running trot..

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Photo Gallery of Basenji