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Description of Basset Hound

The Breed History..The origins of this breed can be traced back to France and Belgium. The first written documents to record the breed name "Basset Hound" date back to the 1580s. The breed name may derive from the French word for low, "bas". First shown in the late 1800s in England, the breed was registered with AKC in 1884 and soon became popular in the USA...Breeding for Function..These dogs were used to slow trail game such as rabbit, hare and also sometimes deer. Basset Hounds were prized for their accurate trailing, especially in thick bush. His nose is considered almost as outstanding as a Bloodhound's. Earliest records term the breed "badger hound" indicating their use for badger hunting in the early phases of breed development, and other accounts report them in hunts for wolf and boar. Here they were used in packs. For small game, they were frequently hunted in pairs (termed a brace). They are seen in field trials and tracking, obedience and are popular as well as a companion dog...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: less than 14" (35.5 cm)...Weight: 40-60 lb (18-27 kg)...Coat: The dense, short smooth glossy coat is acceptable in any hound color. Red and white and tricolor are commonly seen. Longevity: 12 years..Points of Conformation: Their short, very heavily boned legs mean they are slow moving, but agile. The head is large, and the skull has a prominent occipital protuberance. They possess a moderate stop, and skin forms wrinkles on the face when the head is down. The nose is darkly pigmented. Lips are also of dark pigmentation, and end in loose flews. A pronounced dewlap is present. The neck is very muscular and of good length. Eyes are brown and somewhat deep set. This allows the conjunctivae of the lower lids to show. They are said to have a sad expression. The ears are very long, pendulous and low set, with ends curling in. They are deep through the thorax and ribs are well sprung. The skin is significantly loose and wrinkled over the carpal and tarsal areas of the limb. Paws are large, rounded, and slightly deviated laterally from the level of the carpus. Dewclaws are often removed. The topline is level and tail carriage is typical for hounds- carried high when on a scent. The tail is thick, slightly curved and reaches almost to the ground at rest. The gait is easy, and movement of limbs is parallel..

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