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Description of Beagle

The Breed History..Though one of the most popular modern dog breeds, the origins of the Beagle are obscure. Some reports place them in England before Roman times. Many of the early reports date to the 1300s. It is thought that their early lineage included crosses out to other scent hounds, and Foxhounds are variably thought to be derived from the Beagle as a result of those crosses, or perhaps Foxhounds were crossed back to be an early influence on beagle type. The mid 18th century reports indicate two types of hare hunting hounds. The modern beagle apparently derives from the North Country Beagle. The modern American lines were first imported in the 1860s and 1880s. The breed name origins are also obscure, with deviation from Olde English, French or Celtic being cited; the derivative may be from roots such as "begle", "beag", or "begele"...Breeding for Function..As hunters, they are courageous and have a great deal of stamina. They hunt equally well in packs, braced (pairs) or solo, though they are most commonly hunted in packs. They are scent hounds and were bred to hunt hare and rabbit. Today, they are most commonly companion dogs...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: Two distinct varieties:..1. Thirteen Inch: up to 13" high...2. Fifteen Inch: 13-15" high (maximum height 15" in the United States, 16" in England)...Weight: Thirteen inch variety is generally less than 20 lb (9 kg), Fifteen inch variety is generally 20-30 lb (9-13.5 kg)...Coat: The hard, short-medium outer coat hairs may be of any hound colors. The haircoat is dense. Black, tan and white tri-color is very popular, also common are the red and white. Irish Spotting is a specific spotted marking distribution. Ticking is also accepted; blue tick and red tick being the most common of this pattern. Patch beagle refers to a predominantly white beagle strain (with large black, lemon or red patches generally). Dilutes (e.g., blue) in the coat are also accepted...Longevity: 13-15 years..Points of Conformation: The skull is broad and slightly domed, ears are long and pendulous with round tips that hang in towards the cheek, the leather is fine, and the ear pinna is broad. Eyes are soft in expression, brown or hazel in color, large and wide-set. Beagles have a moderate stop and square muzzle, minimal flews, large nose and the nostrils start out black but fade with maturity. The neck is medium in length and muscling with no throatiness. The back is short, ribs are well sprung, and forelegs are straight boned. Feet are compact and round. The tail is held high but not over the back, and is shorter than most hound tails and is slightly curved with brush..

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