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Description of Bernese Mountain Dog

The Breed History..Originating in the middle cantons of Switzerland (Berne region), this hardy dog was likely brought to the Alps by the Romans. These dogs derive from ancient Mastiff-type dogs. Almost lost to extinction, rejuvenation of the breed began in the 1900s. Out-crossing to Newfoundland dogs was one of the steps taken to infuse fresh genes. The first dogs were brought to America in 1926, and first AKC recognition was in the year 1937...Breeding for Function..The Bernese Mountain dog acted as a drover and guarding dog and also for draft; pulling carts. They are unusually hardy and can live in environments with extremes of temperature and terrain. Today, they are seen in obedience, tracking, agility, and as therapy dogs. They are valued companions...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: female 23-26" (58.5-66 cm), male 25-27.7" (63.5-70 cm)...Weight: females 75-95 lb (34-43 kg), males 80-115 lb (36-52 kg)...Coat: The silky, glossy, thick, straight to slightly wavy and moderately long coat distinguishes this breed from the other Swiss Mountain Dogs. Color is a jet black background with well defined rust markings and white highlight markings for the standard; the tri-color pattern has established marking distribution. Notably, the chest markings in white forms the Swiss cross and a white blaze is usually present. White is also found on the paws and tail tip. When they blow the coat twice per year, heavy shedding occurs; some dogs are low-level shedders year-round...Longevity: 7-9 years..Points of Conformation: Sturdily built, large, but agility has not been compromised. Heavy bone and musculature are bred into these dogs. The eyes have a gentle expression and are a dark brown, oval shaped and have tight fitting eyelids. Ears are high set, triangular and hang close to the cheek. The skull has a moderate stop and a slight furrow runs up along the midline. The square muzzle ends in a large black nose. Lips are free of flews; they are a dry-mouthed breed. Neck is of medium length, well muscled and the topline is level. The thorax is deep and possesses well-sprung ribs. The tail is carried low when resting and is heavily haired. It reaches to the tarsus or a bit lower. Legs are straight boned, and dewclaws may be removed. Feet are compact and the toes are well arched. Rear dewclaws are removed..

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Photo Gallery of Bernese Mountain Dog