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Description of Birman

The Breed History..This Sacred Cat of Burma (Burma is now known as Myanmar) is a distinctively coated and colored cat. Birman cats were prized by priests and many legends surround their origin. A seal point queen named Sita exported to France about the year 1919 gave birth to a litter that became the foundation stock for the breed in the west. By the end of the Second World War, they became almost extinct in France and across Europe. Crosses with Persian and Siamese cats followed. First specimens arrived in England in the 1960s and the cats were first recognized in America by the CFA in 1967. No outcrossing is allowed and in most other registries, the cat must have five generations following an outcross in order to qualify. By 1999, with over 1000 cats registered, the breed entered the top 10 in CFA. Traditionally, cats are named for the year of their birth by having a standard letter of the alphabet to start their name. In 2003, breeders started back at the letter "A" after cycling through the 26 years of the alphabet...Physical Characteristics..Weight: 10-18 lb (4.5-8 kg)..Coat: Kittens are born white and the coat does not usually finish its development until maturity, though pigmentation begins to develop well before weaning. The medium-long single coat is full like the Persian coat, but shorter and silkier in texture. Championship CFA colors are the same as for Siamese breed cats. The gauntlet markings (or laces) consist of white extensions of the mittens running up the plantar surface of the metatarsals. This pattern is an autosomal recessive trait. Ideally, the laces are one-half to three-quarters of the height up to the tarsus. Mittens do not extend above the point where the paw meets the vertical limb on the forelimb. A mask covers most of the face. The main coat is light in color and over the back and sides ideally looks as if misted with a gold, termed golden mist; this overlay is often absent in kittens...Eyes: Large, wide set, sapphire blue. Deeper blue is better...Points of Conformation: The face has a distinctive Siamese look, but the heavier boning and round full face distinguishes them. The face is more of a rounded-wedge. The profile is slightly Roman-nosed, ears are small and wide set. Nose is medium in length, forehead. The tail is full and moderate in size and length, and the body of these cats is long. Limbs are heavily boned and medium in length giving these cats a somewhat stocky conformation. Paws are large and round...Grooming: The Birman haircoat has low-moderate grooming requirements and looks best with daily brushing; hair has a very low matting tendency..

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