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Description of Bloodhound

The Breed History..This breed was renowned as far back as the third century in writings for the ability to track exceptionally well. Characteristically, they were noted for following even a very faint scent until the target or quarry was reached. Thought to originate around the Mediterranean, they were taken to Europe long before the crusades. The black strain was called St. Hubert's, after the Belgian monastery where they were extensively bred in the seventh century, and the white strain was called the Southern, or Talbot hound. By the 1600s this latter strain had died out as a distinct breed. In England, the black strain derivatives were carefully bred in monasteries and by royalty, earning them the nick name "blooded hound"; inferring an aristocratic bloodline of the dog...Breeding for Function..Bred to follow scent of deer and other large game, their tracking stamina continues to be highly prized. These, the largest of the scent hounds are unlike other military and police dogs; these placid dogs do not attack quarry so their specific working focus is restricted to just trailing. These most famous scent hounds are particularly adept at long distance tracks (one recorded track was 138 miles, 221 km). They are noted for determination and perseverance. Today, they are famous for search and rescue...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: female 23-25" (58.5-63.5 cm), male 25-27" (63.5-68.5 cm)...Weight: females 80-100 lb (36-45 kg), males 90-110 lb (41-50 kg)...Coat: Black and tan, liver and tan, and red are accepted coat colors. Small white areas are permitted on feet, tail tip and chest. Sometimes the above coat colors are flecked with white. Hair is softer textured on the ears, otherwise it is a smooth, short and hard coat...Longevity: 10-12 years...Points of Conformation: The facial wrinkles and drooping eyes give the dog a somewhat characteristic expression. Their head is long, tapers only slightly and is narrow. The breed standard stipulates a head length of 12" (29.5 cm) or more in males, and 11" (28 cm) or more in females. Their head and neck area is replete with extensive skin folds. The Bloodhound possesses a prominent occipital protuberance, eyes are deep and eyelids droop; the weight of the flews everts the lower lids. Eye colors match the coat, with hazel and yellow being common pigmentation. Ears are very low set, long and pendulous, but the leather is fairly fine textured. The flews are extensive and merged with neck folds, forming the large dewlap. Body skin is loose. The neck is long, the thorax is rounded and deep, and the loin is mildly arched. The tail is large, long and tapered and carried high. Gait is smooth and elastic on this muscular dog. Legs are straight and solid. Feet are compact and well knuckled..

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