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Description of Kuvasz

The Breed History..The breed traces back perhaps five thousand years, and through much of this time, this dog was a favorite of the ruling class. The breed name derives from the Turkish word kawasz, which translates as "armed guard of nobility", or perhaps Arabic kawwasz, meaning archer. Breed ancestors were larger, and likely came from Tibet. The Komondor is likely related to this breed, and less well documented are possible ties to the Maremma Sheepdog and Akbash dog. Hungarian fanciers were responsible for much of the breed evolution and standardization. AKC recognition occured in 1931...Breeding for Function..In early times, he was a valued guard dog. Later, once the nobility lost exclusive ownership, they were adapted for herding tasks as guards of the flock or herd. Now they are often kept for companionship...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: female 26-28" (66-71 cm), male 28-30" (71-76.2 cm)..Weight: females 70-90 lb (32-41 kg), males 100-115 lb (45.5-52.5 kg)...Coat: The thick double coat is always white. The outer coat is coarse and straight to wavy, while the undercoat is fine and short. Coat length varies with the season. Skin is darkly pigmented...Longevity: 8-12 years...Points of Conformation: Strong build with medium bone, head is elongated, stop is defined, the muzzle is somewhat tapering, lips are pigmented black and fit close. The inside of the mouth is preferred black. The eyes are wide set and almond shaped, colored dark brown and the nictitans should not show. The nose is black and pointed. Ears are triangular with slight rounding at the tips, thick leathered, and folded. The neck is medium in length, well muscled and arched. For topline, the scapulae sit above the back, and the topline is straight until it slopes at the croup. Thorax is deep, while the fore-chest is prominent and ribs are well sprung. The abdomen is well tucked up. The tail reaches the tarsus, limbs are straight and dewclaws are left on in front, but removed behind, nails preferred dark. The feet are compact and round, though the rear feet may be longer. The gait is elastic and smooth, agile, low and long..

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