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Description of Lhasa Apso

The Breed History..This breed originated in the mountains of Tibet, in the city of Lhasa where the harsh environment and high elevations led to the selection of a very hardy dog type. They had been bred for their heavy insulating coat to cope with the extremes of climate. They were so prized in Tibet that they were considered good luck and over a few thousand years, were only found in monasteries or in the houses of nobles. They were also sent as gifts to China, where they contributed to the Shih Tzu and Pekingese breeds. They join the Tibetan Terrier and Tibetan Spaniel in the same group from this region. This breed was first accepted into the AKC registry in 1935. The first US imports came as gifts from the 13th Dalai Lama...Breeding for Function..They served as guard and alarm dogs for dwellings and monasteries, and also for companionship...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: female 10 " (25.4 cm), male 11" (28 cm)..Weight: females 13-15 lb (6-7 kg), males 13-18 lb (6-8 kg)...Coat: Many colors are accepted, but the haircoat density is significantly developed as protection against harsh conditions. The beard is often dark, and hairs are often mixed color throughout the coat, and have a straight medium texture. The colors most often seen are described as leonine (lion-like); honey, wheaten with dark on the extremities. Parti-color, white, black, and slate are less commonly seen...Longevity: 14-15 years...Points of Conformation: The dog is built longer than high, and the head, carried high, is well endowed with whiskers and beard hairs, the nose is black and the face profile is straight. Eyes should be dark brown in pigment, with keen bright expression, and the ears are pendulous and well covered with long hair. The skull is brachycephalic, and jaw is normally mildly prognathic. The tail should be carried well up, and sometimes a screw tip is noted at the terminus of the tail. The topline is straight with a slight slope, and the back is short. The feet are compact and hair-covered as well for warmth..

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Photo Gallery of Lhasa Apso