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Description of Maltese

The Breed History..Records of this breed in art can be found on the Isle of Malta dated thousands of years ago. Roman, Greek and Egyptian records trace the breed back to very early times. The AKC registered this Bichon-type breed in 1888. They are somewhat spaniel in type though they were sometimes called Maltese Terriers historically...Breeding for Function..In early history, the Maltese dogs may have served for vermin control. A companion dog exclusively for a very long time, Maltese dogs were particularly sought after by women of high social standing in the past...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: 10" (25 cm)...Weight: 4-6 lb (2-3 kg)...Coat: The single haircoat hangs flat, is white, and the hairs are long, straight and silky. The coat often reaches the floor or longer at maturity and the topknot is usually tied up. The thick, luxurious coat needs regular grooming. Due to the long white coat, this is essentially an indoor dog and is suitable for apartment life...Longevity: 14-15 years..Points of Conformation: This is a toy dog with naturally high head carriage, moderate stop, the skull slightly rounded, and the muzzle is tapered and of medium length; the nose is black. Eyes are moderately set apart, dark, large, and palpebral margins are black. Ears are well feathered and hanging from a low set position. Neck is moderately short, body is square in conformation, the topline level, thorax moderate in depth, and ribs are well sprung. The abdomen is only slightly tucked up. Limbs are fine and straight boned, feet are small and round in shape, pads thick and black. The tail is high set and sits over the back; is well plumed with hair. The gait is straight, energetic, quick and smoothly flowing..

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Photo Gallery of Maltese