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Description of Manchester Terrier

The Breed History..Originating in the British Isles, the original Black and Tan progenitor terrier for this breed was a heavier set dog with a coarser coat. In Manchester England, history records that a fancier who wanted a dog for both hare coursing and rat killing bred a whippet and a crossbred ratter terrier. Other breed ancestors potentially include Greyhound, Italian Greyhound and Dachshunds. AKC recognition occurred in 1886 (Toy) and 1887 (Standard). Until 1959, the two sizes of Manchester were two separate breeds. The toy was developed from the standard...Breeding for Function..Vermin control was the primary purpose for these dogs. As a ratter in the field and in pub pit rat killing contests they excelled. They were courageous enthusiastic hunting companions. The toy variety was a lady's pet. Both varieties are now valued show and companion dogs...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: Standard 15-16 inches (39-40 cm)...Weight of Standard: 12-22 lb (5.5-10 kg)..Height at Withers: Toy 10-12 inches (25-30 cm)...Weight of Toy: 7 up to 12 lb (3-5.5 kg)...Coat: The sleek short hair coat is black with mahogany markings; distinct, not smudgy borders-well defined pattern...Longevity: 14-15 years...Points of Conformation: These dogs have a long muzzle, flat wedge-shaped skull, slight stop, and their bone structure is sleek and athletic. Ears are naturally pricked up, and the dogs are a bit longer than high. Almond-shaped slanting close-set dark eyes, and a strong jaw ending in a black nose characterizes the face. Ears vary only slightly with Standard ears being erect, cropped, or button. Toys must have naturally erect ears only. The neck is slim, slightly arched and moderately long, the topline has a slight arch, chest is narrow but deep, abdomen is mildly tucked, and a slightly curved tail tapers to finish just short of the tarsal joint..

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Photo Gallery of Manchester Terrier