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Description of Miniature Bull Terrier

The Breed History..The Bull-and-Terrier (white English terrier X Bulldog) was the progenitor of the miniature version of the bull terrier. Additional crosses with the Spanish terrier and the Black and Tan may have also contributed to the final type. Some records show Dalmation crosses also occurred. The goal was to produce the miniature version of the bull terrier. AKC accepted this breed in 1991...Breeding for Function..These downsized bull terriers were not specifically bred for fighting as were their larger counterparts, but they have inherited the feisty courageous personality from their forbearers. This makes them a formidable watchdog...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: 10-14" (24.5-35.5 cm)..Weight: 24-33 lb (11-15 kg)..Coat: They possess a short hard glossy flat haircoat either white or colored, with or without markings...Longevity: 12-13 years..Points of Conformation: A sturdy square constitution characterizes the breed. The skull is full, the forehead flat and egg-shaped as in the bull terrier. The small triangular shaped obliquely set eyes are dark in color and deep set, resulting in a piercing look. High set ears are close set, small and pricked when alert, and the leather is moderate. The nose is black. The neck is long, arched and muscular, not throaty. The back is short with a moderate arch over the loin. The chest is very broad, and the thorax is deep with the broadness and depth extending well back in the rib cage. They have a moderate abdominal tuck, and the tapering fine curved tail is set low and carried high. Limbs have straight heavy bone and moderate musculature. The small compact feet have well knuckled up toes..

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Photo Gallery of Miniature Bull Terrier