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Description of Norwich Terrier

The Breed History..The Norwich and Norfolk terriers share a common background, originating in the Eastern Counties of Britain. Yorkshire and Irish terriers were used during breed development. They were classified as one breed until the mid 1960s in England, when they were split into two breeds based on ear carriage. The AKC split them into two breeds also in 1979. The Norfolk has folded ears, the Norwich prick ears...Breeding for Function..They were valued as ratters, and were used in fox hunting, including going to ground (fox bolter). They were hunted singly or in packs. Today, they are valued as companion dogs and excel at earthdog and agility...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: 9-10" (24.5-25.5 cm)..Weight: 11-12 lb (5-5.5 kg)..Coat: The weather resistant coat is wiry and straight and about 1.5-2" (3.75-5 cm) in length, lies close, and the undercoat is short and dense. Coat colors in red, grizzle, black and tan and wheaten are accepted. The Norwich may have dark points. Regular brushing is important and stripping is usually performed twice a year...Longevity: 12-15 years..Points of Conformation: The skull is wide and somewhat rounded, the muzzle wedge shaped, the face fox-like, and the stop is well defined. Eyes are small and oval in shape, dark, and the palpebral margins black. The ears, which are the distinguishing feature of the breed are small, pricked and triangular in shape, with slightly rounded tips. They possess a compact conformation, are longer than tall, and fairly heavily boned. The neck is medium in length and well muscled, the topline level, and thorax rounded with well-sprung ribs. The tail is high set and usually docked. They have short, fairly straight limbs, with short metacarpals and metatarsals. The feet are compact, round and nails are black. The gait is low and smooth..

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Photo Gallery of Norwich Terrier