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Description of Otterhound

The Breed History..Dating to early in the 1300s, the first tentative records of a dog meeting this description originate in Britain. Described as a mix of hound and terrier, these dogs likely arose from Bloodhound, Welsh terrier and other southern hound mixes, though some evidence points to the inclusion of VendР№Р№ hound of France or French Griffon. Otterhounds are one of the Airedale terrier's ancestors. First imports to the USA occurred around 1900. AKC first recognized the breed in 1907. This is a rare breed...Breeding for Function..As the name implies, hunting otter was the purpose for which these dogs were developed. They are versatile enough for land or water and excel at scent tracking. The webbed feet of this breed help to ensure good swimming ability...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: females 24" (61 cm), males 27" (68.5 cm)..Weight: female 75-85 lb (34-38.5 kg), male 100-115 lb (45.5-52 kg)..Coat: The rough-coated double oily coat makes him almost waterproof. It sits close, not flat, and the hairs are hard, crisp and broken in texture. The outer coat is 1.5-2" (3.75-5 cm) long though hairs are longer over the back (up to 6" or 15 cm). The undercoat is dense, short and wooly. Blue and white is the favored coat color, but they also commonly appear as black and tan grizzle and many other combinations...Longevity: 12-13 years..Points of Conformation: These large dogs are noted for their excellent nose and are of sturdy constitution, being both well muscled and boned. The large narrow head is well covered with hair, the stop is not obvious, and the dark eyes are deeply set with minimal nictitans exposure. Long, pendulous ears fold in hound fashion and are low set and close hanging. There is a square muzzle, the flews are deep and the darkly pigmented nose is large. The neck is muscular, and the topline level. The thorax is deep, ribs are well sprung, and chest depth extends well back. The high set tail is tapering, feathered and held up but not over the back when alert; the tail is arched and reaches the tarsus. Limbs are straight boned, fore and rear dewclaws may be removed, the feet are large and broad, and toes webbed. The Otterhound gait is long, low and smooth and appears effortless. The walk is loose and shuffling..

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