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Description of Parson Russell Terrier

The Breed History..The breed was cultivated for over 200 years in the south of England. The breed progenitors are thought to be the extinct Black-and-Tan terrier and the Old English White Terrier. The first Jack Russell terrier dogs were brought to America around 1930. Breed nomenclature is quite confusing. Parson Jack Russell Terrier was often used as a synonym for this breed, but in England and in the UKC standard, the Parson Jack Russell Terrier breed is different. Differences in the Parson terrier standard include inclusion of three coat types, longer legs and shorter body, and being larger in stature. In those constituencies, the Jack Russell Terrier breed name is limited to terriers standing less than twelve inches. Parson John Russell was considered to be the original breeder of this general type of terriers. The Jack Russell terrier breed is popular with the horsy set, and further gained popularity following feature roles in television series as the Eddie and Wishbone characters...Breeding for Function..Fox hunting and ratting was the original purpose for which the breed determination, fearlessness and agility were bred into them. They were baying terriers, and were not developed to kill the quarry, just bolt them out...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: AKC ideal size is for the male, 14" (35.5 cm), and female 13" (33 cm)..Weight: 9 lb (4 kg) up to 13-17 lb (6-7.5 kg)..Coat: Two coat types in the AKC standard:..Smooth: Double coated with a hard outer flat layer and a dense undercoat...Broken: Also double coated, but the outer coat stands flat and is broken, with some curling and waving of the hairs...White or predominantly white with tan or black, and also tri-color are accepted colors. Brindle is disqualifying but grizzled is acceptable. Markings are preferred on extremities such as the face, ears and tail tip...Longevity: 13-15 years..Points of Conformation: Jack Russell Terriers are medium-boned and well muscled with almost square conformation. They possess a keen expression and lively attitude. The eyes are moderate in size, dark in color and almond-shaped. They have small triangular ears with moderately thick leathers, pointed tips, and ears are folded forward with the fold at the level of the top of the skull or slightly higher. The head is also characterized by a flat skull, well-defined stop and black nose. The moderately long and arched neck is free of throatiness. The topline is level, abdomen is moderately tucked up, and the thorax is moderate in depth and narrow. The tail is high set and thick and normally docked to provide a handhold length at maturity (4" or 10 cm), Limbs are straight boned, feet are compact with tough pads, and the gait is powerful with long strides..

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Photo Gallery of Parson Russell Terrier