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Description of Pekingese

The Breed History..The Pekingese is an ancient Chinese dog breed that was so highly esteemed that they became a symbol of good fortune, and artistic representations of them, (Foo Dog idols) became family heirlooms. In Buddhism, the lion is a symbol of Buddha, and this may be the origin of the special position the dog held since in legend, these dogs were thought to originate from union of monkey and lion. A favorite of the Imperial families, a theft of one of these dogs was punishable by death. Earliest records indicate the breed was distinctive by the 8th century. First specimens arrived in Britain in the year1860; one was given to Queen Victoria. The AKC first registered the breed in 1906...Breeding for Function..These dogs have always been kept purely for companionship...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: 6-9" (15-23 cm)..Weight: < 14 lb (6 kg)...Coat: Profuse long coat is straight, stands off, and texture of the hairs is coarse. All colors are allowed. The undercoat is dense and soft. Longevity: 12-13 years...Points of Conformation: The overall conformation is stocky and compact; slightly longer than tall. The nickname lion dog derives from the fact that the dog is much heavier in the fore than behind, and with a full mane somewhat resembles a little lion in profile. They are not dainty. The head is wider than deep with a broad flat top, jaw is wide at the base, skull is brachycephalic, with correct standard placing the brow in the same plane as the chin and nose. The nose is pigmented black and-sitting up between the prominent eyes. The eyes are very dark and wide set, and palpebral margins are black. A prominent v-shaped wrinkle extends cheek to cheek over the nose, and the stop is deep and well defined. The muzzle is broad and short, and the hair is pigmented black. The jaw is slightly undershot. Ears are folded, heavily feathered, and hang to frame the face on each side. They possess a short thick neck, moderate thorax depth, moderate but distinct abdominal tuck up, the topline is level; the high-set tail is also profusely feathered and carried over the back, hanging to the side. Forelimbs are short and slightly bowed in the radius. Feet are outturned, large, flat and well feathered. Gait is rolling in front and not fast moving..

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Photo Gallery of Pekingese