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Description of Scottish Fold

The Breed History..In the 16th century, early breed records first appeared in the British Isles. It is possible that the Irish Wolfhound was the main source of the genes of the Deerhound breed, and that they were crossed with Greyhounds to produce a finer body type. Deerhounds were highly esteemed at certain points in history such that only the aristocracy and Clan Chieftains could keep them. By severely limiting ownership, breed numbers dwindled to the brink of extinction and inbreeding further weakened the Scottish Deerhound, but later fanciers rejuvenated the bloodlines and though still a rare breed, they are once again thriving. AKC recognition occurred in 1886...Breeding for Function..Bred for coursing or hunting deer alone or in pairs, this breed excels at scent tracking. In North America they were also used for hunting coyotes and wolves. They were also bred to be companions...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: female 28" (71 cm) minimum, male 30-32" (76-81 cm)...Weight: females 75-95lb (34-43 kg), males 85-110 lb (38.5-50 kg)...Coat: The most common color is the dark gray-blue coat, but other shades of grays, brindles, faun and sandy red are accepted. White is not accepted, but the presence of a small white toe mark and white chest are tolerated. The haircoat consists of shaggy, crisp, hard hairs, though the haircoat has a softer texture on the ears and ventral abdomen. Averages about 4" (10 cm) in length...Longevity: 8-11 years..Points of Conformation: The general conformation is similar to a very large Greyhound, with a wiry coat. They are smaller than Irish Wolfhounds and more refined in bone and in the head. The head gradually tapers through its length to a tapered muzzle, the skull is flat, and the nose black (though in blue fawn coated dogs, it may be blue). A black muzzle is preferred, ears are also black or dark in color, and prominent brows, with moderate whiskers and beard are present. The medium-sized ears are soft and folded, and high set. Eyes are dark brown or hazel in color, with black palpebral margins. The neck is long and well muscled. The thorax is deep and fairly narrow, and the abdomen is well tucked up. The limbs are long and straight boned with a lithe build, and feet are compact with well-arched toes, with little hair. The topline is arched through the loin, and drops off to the tail, which is long and tapering, reaching about 1/2 way down the metatarsals, and is gently curved. The gait is strong, long and low and appears effortless..

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Photo Gallery of Scottish Fold