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Description of Singapura

The Breed History..This diminutive and rare breed derives its name from Singapore where this breed originated. An informal synonym used for them is "drain" or "river" cat because of their previous feral life in the city streets by the waters of Singapore River where they were renowned for controlling vermin. This is their national cat. In Singapore the cat is now affectionately known as "Kucinta", deriving from their words for cat and love. Three specimens were first imported into the USA in the early 1970s. Another from a Singapore SPCA came to the US in 1980. The Singapura breed was accepted for championship status by CFA in 1988 and by TICA in 1984. The modern registered Singapura cat breed in North America is thought to have arisen from only the four progenitor cats mentioned above, and another pair imported in 1987. No outcrosses are allowed in CFA...Physical Characteristics..Weight: Females 4-7 lb (2-3 kg), males 5-8 (2.5-3.5 kg); average less than 3 kg...Coat: Haircoat is dense and very short and lies close to the body. Hair has a fine texture. Sepia brown agouti is the sole acceptable color and it is ivory body color with warm dark brown ticking (genetically a sable ticked tabby). Each hair has banding with a minimum of two dark bands; light next to body and a dark tipped extremity. Tail tip and upper topline aspect are darker. Barring pattern may be present inside the legs and lightly on the face. Mascara eyeliner, and dark lines from inner canthus to nose (cheetah lines) and nose liner marks are present. Lighter non-agouti color coat is evident on the chest and underside...Eyes: Coloring of the eyes includes green, yellow or hazel. Eyes are very large in size and almond-rounded in shape...Points of Conformation: This is the smallest domestic cat; a moderately built cat. Head is rounded with blunt nose and broad muzzle, with well-defined whisker pads and prominent chin. Ears are large and wide set, lightly pointed, with little hair covering. Neck is short and thick. Small oval feet are present. Tail is short to medium in length, and blunt tipped but slender...Grooming: Low grooming needs for the Singapura cat-just a chamois cloth or hand petting is sufficient..

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