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Description of Tibetan Spaniel

The Breed History..Tibetan Spaniels can be found in over 2000 years of recorded history. This breed was highly esteemed in the Tibetan Monasteries, and these dogs nicknamed "Lion dog" were frequently given as gifts-never sold to visiting dignitaries. The Pekingese and Japanese Chin may be relatives of this dog. First exports to England occurred in the late 1800s, and export to America occurred in the year 1965. Breed registry with the AKC was established in 1984...Breeding for Function..These dogs functioned as monastery watchdogs and companions. These are not true hunting spaniels...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: 10" (25.4 cm)..Weight: 9-15 lb (4-7 kg)..Coat: The double coat is flat, silky, of moderate length and furnishings are present. Males have a more pronounced ruff. White markings are accepted on the feet and all colors and color mixes are allowed...Longevity: 13-15 years..Points of Conformation: The Tibetan spaniels are longer than tall, have very high head carriage, and a small head. The oval eyes are dark brown and medium-sized, wide set and set facing forward, and the palpebral margins are black. The ears are pendulous, high set, well feathered and medium in size. The skull is lightly domed, the stop defined, muzzle blunt and moderate in length, and the nose should be pigmented black. The normal bite is somewhat prognathic, and the neck is short and strong. The topline is level, and thorax deep and round. The tail is plumed, high set, and when active sits curled over the back. The bone is moderately heavy, muscling moderate, and the forelimbs are slightly bowed. Dewclaws may be taken off. They move with quick strides and low elastic movement..

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Photo Gallery of Tibetan Spaniel