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Description of Tibetan Terrier

The Breed History..History records that this breed has existed for about 2000 years and that they were monastery dogs for most of this time. Considered good luck, they were given as gifts-never sold. The first dogs arrived in America in 1956. They are not terriers, but this term was applied because they were in the terrier range for size. Common names used in Tibet included "Holy dog" or "luck bringer dog", and because of their highly esteemed position as a lucky charm, outbreeding was unheard of. First registration in the AKC occurred in 1973. In general type, they resemble the Llasa Apso...Breeding for Function..These dogs were bred for companionship and as monastery watchdogs. They may have been used to herd, though this was not their primary function...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: female 14-15" (35.5-38 cm), male 15-16" (38-40.5 cm)..Weight: 20-24 lb (9-11 kg) ideally, though can range from 18-30 lb (8-13.5 kg)..Coat: It is a profuse double coat, the feet are well haired (snowshoe feet), and lots of hair falls over eyes and face. The undercoat is wooly and soft, the outer coat hairs are straight or wavy, fine in texture, and though long, the coat should not reach the ground. Colors include golden, sable, cream, silver, white and black in solid and parti-color...Longevity: 13-15 years..Points of Conformation: Compact and squarely built, their high set medium length tail curls over the back and is well feathered. It is acceptable for the tail to be kinked at the tip. The feet are large and flat, with long hair between toes and over the feet. The skull is domed and moderate in width with a well-defined stop. The nose is black, eyes are dark brown and moderately deep-set, palpebral margins are dark and the eyelashes long. Ears are pendulous, triangular and well feathered. The topline is level, and heavy furnishings occur on the chest and legs. The ribs are well sprung, thorax is of moderate depth, limbs straight boned, and dewclaws may be removed. The gait is agile and smooth, with good drive..

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Photo Gallery of Tibetan Terrier