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Description of Toy Fox Terrier

The Breed History..The breed was developed in the US by crossing a number of toy breed dogs. Foundation breeds include Manchester terrier, Miniature Pinschers, Chihuahua, and obviously, a fox terrier (Smooth Fox). Beginning in the 1930's, breeders carefully crossed to a number of toy breeds to calm the personality a bit, but keep the touch of spunk, and the look of the Smooth fox. The AKC fully recognized the Toy Fox Terrier breed in 2003, as its 148th breed, in the Toy division...Breeding for Function..The goal of breed development was to produce a small fox terrier, with temperament well suited for a close companion, house dog. The terrier base of the breed makes them well suited to trials of agility and they are well suited to obedience, and even retain their love of hunting and will flush targets out of holes. Animated movement, fit and agile, strong and excellent endurance characterize these spunky little dogs...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: Ideal 9-11" (23-28 cm), 8.5-11.5 in. (21.5-29 cm) accepted...Weight: 3.5-7 lbs. (1.5-3 kg.)..Coat: A short, shiny coat which may be a bit longer at the ruff. Soft hair texture. Patterns vary, but body is mostly white and head is mostly solid. Tricolor black, tan and white with defined marking size and location described by the breed standard. Other tri-colors include chocolate/tan/white. Bi-colors include white and tan, white and chocolate, and white and black...Longevity: 13-14 years..Points of Conformation: Square conformation, strong bone but not coarse. A soft wedge, the skull is moderate in size, stop is moderate, muzzle parallel to top of skull. Head is refined, with an alert expression, ears are prick and close/high set, with a v-shaped pinna. Ears can take up to 6 months to fully prick. Palpebral margins are black or self in chocolates, round prominent wide set eyes are dark in color. Nose also black or self in chocolates. Teeth scissors bite. High head carriage, the neck is tapered towards the head, and is not throaty. Well sloped shoulder and front of chest prominent. Level topline smoothly merges with tail, thorax is deep and ribs well sprung, abdomen has moderate tuck up. Limbs straight, the feet are compact and small, with oval shape and well knuckled up, dewclaws will usually be removed from rear limbs. Gait is long, low and smooth-topline remains straight. The tail is high set and usually docked to the 3-4th vertebra joint..

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Photo Gallery of Toy Fox Terrier