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Description of Weimaraner

The Breed History..Weimaraners were developed by aristocrats in the 17th century in Germany; the best known was Grand Duke Karl August of Weimer. Breed ancestors are thought to include Pointers, German Schweisshunds, red Haidbracke, and red Hanoverian Bloodhound (the latter is traced back to the gray Leithunder dog of French deer hunting stock). Weimaraners stayed exclusively owned by the German Weimaraner club members for many years. Official breed recognition in Germany came in 1896, and registration by the AKC occurred in 1943. The first dogs arrived in the US in 1929...Breeding for Function..This breed was originally selected to be an all-purpose high-endurance hunting dog (fur and feather), bred to hunt, point and retrieve. The most popular use for this dog in modern times is as an obedience dog or hunting dog. They also enjoy flyball and agility sports...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: females 23-25" (58-64 cm), males 25-27" (64-69.5 cm)..Weight: females 70-80 lb (31.8-36.4 kg), males 75-88 lb (34.1-40 kg)..Coat: The short single-layered glossy haircoat is only recognized in the color of silver-gray to mouse-gray with a "metallic sheen"; only one small spot of white is tolerated on the chest. Over the head, and particularly the ears, a lighter metallic gray color is noted. Though the longhaired Weimaraner is not recognized, this subtype was used for waterfowl hunting. This double-coated, medium length water resistant coat is feathered on legs and tail. There are variations in the length, texture and volume of undercoat. A genetic test is available...Longevity: 10-14 years...Points of Conformation: This aristocratic, muscular athletic large dog possesses a medium weight mesocephalic skull with a moderate stop and slight median line over the forehead, amber nose, light gray, gray-blue or amber eyes, and fine leathered pendulous large and high-set ears. Note that puppies are born with intense sky blue eyes. They have a medium muscular neck, deep chest and well-sprung rib cage, level loins, and a moderately tucked waist. They possess fine long straight limbs, with small compact feet well knuckled up and webbed. The tail is medium and tapering, but often cropped to 6" (15 cm) adult length. Their gait is long and straight, smooth but elastic..

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