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Description of Welsh Terrier

The Breed History..This breed is likely an early offshoot of the Old English Black and Tan Wire (or Coarse) Haired Terrier and as the name implies, Wales is their place of origin. Records there date back 1000 years. In the year 1855 the breed was given this official name. They were first brought to America in the late 1880s and AKC registered in 1888. They are similar in appearance to Lakeland Terriers, though the latter dogs lack the distinctive coloring...Breeding for Function..In Wales these dogs were valued hunters, successful with foxes, badgers and otter, and also excelled as vermin control dogs. Today, these dogs generally serve as companion animals...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: female 14-15" (35.5-38cm), male 15-15.5" (38-39 cm)..Weight: Average 20-21 lb (9-10 kg)..Coat: They possess a wiry coarse outer coat with distinctive black and tan coloring. The undercoat is short, dense and wooly. Tan is found on the head, legs and belly. The black jacket can be grizzled. Puppies are often born almost all black...Longevity: 10-14 years..Points of Conformation: The Welsh Terrier has a compact square conformation, is medium sized, and the head is square. In overall type, they appear similar to a scaled down Airedale. The eyes are small, dark and almond-shaped, deep and fairly wide set. The ears are triangular and small, and the fold sits above the top of the skull and fold forwards. The stop is slight, and the muzzle is square; nose is black, lips are pigmented black also. The neck is moderate in muscling and thickness; slightly arching without throatiness. The topline is level, the thorax deep and ribs are well sprung. The foreface furnishings include a well-developed moustache, brows and beard. The high set tail is usually docked and is held high. The limbs are straight boned and the feet are round and small; nails are black. The stride is longer than with most terriers, and movement projects an effortless appearance..

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Photo Gallery of Welsh Terrier