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Description of Wire Fox Terrier

The Breed History..First breed records date to the 1700s in Britain. The extinct wire-haired Black and Tan Terrier may have been the wirehaired breed progenitor. Originally, the smooth and wire fox terriers were considered a single breed with AKC recognition in 1885. In 1984, they were split in the AKC registry. Normal Rockwell depicted this breed in some of his paintings...Breeding for Function..As their name implies these were originally bred for fox hunting and excelled at going to ground (following their quarry into the burrow). They were also successfully used as small game hunters, and to clear vermin...Physical Characteristics..Height at Withers: Less than 15.5" (39.5 cm)..Weight: male 18 lb (8 kg), female 16 lb (7 kg)..Coat: The dense, tough wiry non-curly hairs produce the effect of a broken coat, and overlay a dense soft undercoat. Outer coat hairs are sometimes a bit wavy. The overcoat length and texture varies over the surface of the dog, being between 0.5-1.5" long, and softer in texture on the sides and underside. The coat is mostly white with well-demarcated color patches. Brindle and red-liver are not favored as the second color. Markings on white are usually black and tan. A pure white dog is also acceptable. Ginger and white dogs can produce both tri-color and ginger colored offspring, whereas tri-color dogs bred together will only produce tri-color puppies...Longevity: 13-14 years...Points of Conformation: An alert expression, high head and tail carriage, and sturdy square athletic build characterize this breed. The back is short, the gait is a springy ground-covering stride, and the head has a measured standard length of 7-7.25". Small round darkly colored eyes are fairly close and deep set, with an intense expression. The top of the folded ear should be above skull level; ears are medium leathered, triangular and hang forward. The skull is of defined width between the eyes and shows minimal stop, the nose is black, neck moderately long and fine and not throaty. The topline is level. The thorax is deep and oval in cross section, and the caudal ribs are deep. The tail (if docked) is 3/4 of the natural length. It is high set and thick. Limbs are straight, metatarsals and metacarpals heavy and short, feet small and compact and pads tough. The toes are moderately arched. In body type in all respects they are the same as the Smooth Fox Terrier..

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Photo Gallery of Wire Fox Terrier